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Asbestos concern regarding property....

We can take care of your concerns from asbestos inspections and much more....

What can we provide for you?

Environmental Site Assessment

• Regulatory Compliance

• Licensed Site Professional and

  Professional Geologist Services

• Real Estate Transaction Screening  

• Lead-Based Paint Surveys    

• Emergency Response

Our asbestos inspectors, scientists, and geologists can assess your property, take samples of material for testing, and provide you with what actions are needed to correct the problem. Including making sure that the asbestos repair and removal is done correctly to ensure that there has not  been any excessive exposure of asbestos.

• Asbestos Inspection

• NEPA Surveys

• Site Health and Safety Compliance

• Indoor Air Quality

• Project Management

Mold Inspection

• Tank Assessments

Protect Your Family...

Almost everyone at some point in their life has been exposed to asbestos. In indoor air, the levels of asbestos depends on alot of different things.  Asbestos has been know to be used for insulation, ceilings, floor tiles and few other things that we don't think about.  

Who is at risk for asbestos exposure?

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Other services offered